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Gene Editing: A New Legal Frontier
Do We Need the Police?

December 2022

13th Annual Rueff Lecture with Baroness Hale
Aspire to the Bar - for Black Heritage students
Student Town Hall CITY EVENT
Current attitudes towards international law in Russia

January 2023

IALS Introduction to Research Methods for Law MPhil/PhD Students
Hybrid | A Short History of Judicial Diversity
Medical Experts in the Family Court: Where Two Worlds Collide
Mary Kondo-ing through Law: How law creates foreignness

February 2023

Do We Need Barristers?
The Celtic Paper Tiger: Ireland’s Residential Tenancies Acts 2004-2022 and the Chimera of Tenants’ Rights

March 2023

Does the Adversarial System Serve Us Well?

April 2023

Gene Editing: A New Legal Frontier
Do We Need Criminal law?

May 2023

Do We Need the Police?