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Do We Need Juries?
Should We Permit Voluntary Assisted Dying?
Gene Editing: A New Legal Frontier
Do We Need the Police?

September 2022

Do We Need Juries?
ILPC Seminar Series on AI and the Humanities: Computer says No! Fair and Accountable Decisions in an Automated World
Feminist Approaches to Sex and Gender in Law

October 2022

Workshop on EU Law and Investment Arbitration
Career Fair Preparation Session CITY EVENT
IALS/European Criminal Law Webinar: Extradition Update: Diplomatic Assurances
City Careers Fair CITY EVENT
A public lecture delivered by Lucia Serena Rossi, Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union.
The Director's Seminar Series: Book Launch and Celebration: Supporting Legal Capacity in Socio-Legal Context
Explore Options with a Law Degree CITY EVENT
Human Rights against Democratic Backsliding in Poland
IALS 75: Arbitration in Britain and its Empire: Developments and Divergences
Should We Permit Voluntary Assisted Dying?
IALS Fellow's Seminar: Regulatory and Supervisory Approach(es) to Artificial Intelligence - Implications for the Financial Sector in the European Union and Beyond

November 2022

Women, listening and law – what does it take to be heard?
IALS 75: ILPC Annual Conference 2022 Online Safety in a Connected World
Opposition in Russia: The Trials of Alexei Navalny
The Neglected Decade: legal issues of the 1950s
Here Comes the Flood so where’s my Big Yellow Taxi? Tales from the frontline of environmental law.

January 2023

Hybrid | A Short History of Judicial Diversity
Medical Experts in the Family Court: Where Two Worlds Collide

February 2023

Do We Need Barristers?

March 2023

Does the Adversarial System Serve Us Well?

April 2023

Gene Editing: A New Legal Frontier
Do We Need Criminal law?

May 2023

Do We Need the Police?